The I-eye's have it, having fun

So my friend Dana, shared with me some vegan skin care and make up items.  I have been having fun with them and I have been impressed.

I wanted to create a quick "pick me up" look.  Something I can give everyone as their hair color was processing.  So I asked Dana to show me her eye cream, concealer, mascara, liner and tinted brow gel.  I chose those products because they give the most bang for the time investment.

I like to mix the eye cream with the concealer and then apply it to the eye area, it is a time saving step.  The eye cream is a corrective eye cream in a Vegan formula that works on lines, darkness, and bags.  The concealer has a smooth bright finish, dark shadow diminishing, and skin tone is enhanced.

To learn more about the eye cream here is a PDF and To learn more about the Concealer here is another PDF and Don't forget you can use your finger or a brush. There are links at the very bottom of this post where you can read more about it and purchase.

Because you applying these so close to the eye and to the skin, I am learning how important it is for your products to be free of over 2,000 harmful ingredients.   I was so impressed with the ingredient policy, and here is a quick video segment that goes over it.  It is less then 2 mins long and I urge you to watch it #youWillLearnSOmuch!

I finished the quick look with Mascara and tinted brow gel.  Brows are so important they frame the face and the brow gel is tinted and helps hold down any fly aways hairs.  Here is a PDF about the brow gel that I am finding to be a must have. 

Of course if you would like to purchase any of these items you can just message me and I can put your "all about I-eye's" kit or partial kit in the mail; or see the links at the bottom of this post, make sure if you purchase online, you add "preferred customer" to your cart for 20% off and free shipping. (there are some qualifications)

And yes, there is more on this example photo, then just the "I-eye's" kit.  For the complete look add some CC cream and lip gloss and 2 eye shadows.  The glowing skin can be achieved by  prepping the skin with the skin care set called RE-9. 

I am sure you will be impressed, as much as I have been, with these products.

Item Links:  Concealer , Mascara, Brow Gel, Eye Cream,  Eye Liner, RE-9

RE-9 info video link



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