Charms are a timeless staple and whether you want to design a meaningful keepsake or something with a bit of whimsy, the narrative and style are up to you! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it's the perfect occasion to design a personalized keepsake! (for your mom or in honor of your mom)

Creating a personalized piece is almost as much fun as eating cupcakes.

1. Choose a charm to engrave - they come in different shapes and sizes.

2. Personalize with a name, initials, or an inside joke. Feeling stuck? You can always opt for an inspirational phrase like love, hope, peace, strong, or blessed.

3. Finishing touches! Choose a necklace (long, short, gold, or silver) and add a few charms like your birthstone (or favorite color), stars, sports and more!

Our newest Hand Stamped Collection is gift-giving made easy! These textured matte charms have a timeless artisan vibe that makes them the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, graduations, Father’s Day, weddings and more!


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