Spring Cleaning, Lemons for Liver 🤔

This Thursday March 28th-April 3 my friend and client Dana, will be helping in putting together a Facebook webinar called “Spring Cleaning our Bodies”

I have been working with Dana for 4 weeks now.  

I am impressed with her knowledge of health from being an ICU Nurse and also how she believes that eating is the small hinge that swings a big door to health.

She works with the presenters on this webinar to share the belief that what you ingest and put on your body should be Pure, Safe, and Beneficial. (here is an excerpt from the training material)  Excuse the screen shots.

What I can say that I find most interesting is the ingredient policy for any of the products they recommend.

If you would like to be added to the webinar Dana has allowed me to invite some of my friends and clients.  Since you may have individual questions and concerns, and she wants to answer them indavidually she asked me to limit the invites to just a handful.  So let me know with a text or Private message if you would like an invite to this “Spring Cleaning your body” informational webinar.



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