Sneaky Ingredients #wayTOhideTHEM

It took a lot of effort and searching to find shampoos, Conditioners, styling products, skin care, and make-up that are fragrance free.

🧪The FDA allows toxins to be hidden in the catch all labeling of “fragrance”🔬

📌don’t be confusing “pretty smells” with the term “fragrance(perfume)”  they are very different.

Here is a good example of what I mean, I hope this clears some things up.

Would you want to buy a product to season your steak with MSG listed in the ingredients? So here is what is allowed 🥺🥺sneaky 😲😲, very sneaky.

Companies list the MSG as “spices” or “other seasonings”. So you never know😵, and is totally legal.  

This is a also common with food. Saying “natural flavoring” meaning that is just should taste like what a natural product should taste like. So “natural Strawberry flavor” means a "manufactured flavor" meant to taste like “real strawberry”

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