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My capsule

At my style shows, women always ask me: “where did you get your outfits?”  Meaning the outfits I use to teach my 1-2-3 style system.  I teach a 1-2-3 system that is a cost and time effective way to look sharp and easily look pulled together.

I get most of my clothes on amazon with an average budget of $15-$20 dollars.  Remember myth #3 (style is too expensive)  Well I like to bust that myth at my style shows.  The other two myths are “no time” & “why bother”.  

All three myths make up my fashion and encouragement portion of my shows.  What an honor it is to share some time with friends and co-workers busting the 3 myths and being a part of a Fun, Friends, and Encouraging time.  

I hope you will allow me to share my style show on a Wednesday after work with a few of your friends or over a Sunday brunch.  

Here are the current Items and the links so you can pick them up for your self.

floria kimono 

tie dye cartigan 

3 numeral T's

brown cardigan 

black top


denim jacket

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