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Less roundness, Easy

Ashley said at her hair appointment, that she felt so "round" and wanted a less round look.  So I went into my tool box and found 3 quick things that can be done for someone to look less round.

Hair Cut, Earrings, and Highlighter.

1st thing you want to do is get a strong geometric hair cut. Strong lines in your hair cut will give you the structure and definition that come with "less-round" features.  This type of hair cut will create and optional illusion. (Ashley talked about the Revlon one-step hair dryer & volume hot air brush which can be found on amazon)

2nd you want to add linear style earrings.  You want to have as many straight lines as possible.  I recommend the Stiletto earrings or even the Linear earrings.  Some believe that you can create balance by adding hoops but from my client consultation, I can tell that my client didn't want "balance" she wanted to force a less round look.  

3rd add some strong make up lines.  Go thick on the eye liner here I used aubergine color for an eye liner and a brown brow gel to add thickness and extend the eyebrows a bit further out so they create more strength to a look.  Also I applied highlighter and contour with the easy stick (love this product) and then used my foundation primer to blend.  Quick and easy which is what Ashley needed because she works full time and has 2 kids.

I hope you enjoyed this, if so please drop a comment and let me know what your thoughts are.  And feel free to reach out and ask me for something new at your next appointment, or if you are not a client I can make some recommendations for you to take to your stylist.  (Watch the youtube video below to see the the 3 steps at work)




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