Important 5

The basic of basics and the easy of easies.  These 5 will get you looking perfect and fast!

I was coloring Dana's hair and she wanted to share about the new promotions.  So of course I said let us go Facebook Live!!!  Dana was a little nervous and I said we have to go quick because with her hair color in foils, we only have 20 mins at most.  (you can hear the time go off towards the end)

Below is the "how to" video of what are the 5 most important items for this season, and how to apply them.  (great tutorial)

While there are several colors to choose from with blush, CC cream, lip gloss and brow gel.  You can of course, on your own personalize each of them for your own look, or better yet let me do it for you;  Here is what we can do: an in person consult or a video conference consultation.  Which ever works for you just let me know.

Here is where you can get and personalize your pack or you can let me personalize it for you and make my professional recommendations for each color.  And no sale is ever final and is completely exchangeable.,14163.aspx  For the deal, I have a code I can give you.



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