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Feels like a Coating?

Hair care technology has really gotten advanced.  It is no longer just a product to clean your hair.  Now there are ingredients that create a beautifying surface on the hair.

So why is that important......   Well much like when you wax a car the technician applies a thick layer of wax and then buffs it down the perfection (removing the excess wax that is not needed).  However with the new technology of hair care, you are able to apply the Beautifying waxes and compounds,  but we don't have a way to buff them off the hair and get the right amount of product to remain on the hair with out creating a "waxy / sticky" feel.   So what the chemical engineers have done is utilize the act of shampooing to add the compounds to the surface of the hair, and then utilize the rinsing and washing agents to remove the excess.  But here is the problem; If you use to much shampoo or conditioner then there can be a build-up on the hair.  Because there is no way to buff way the excess, the only method we have is to rinse off our hair products.  So the key is to find the "sweet spot" of where there is just enough not to create an initial build up.

The key is to find the "sweet spot" where the least amount of product is needed.  Remember this is not your mothers shampoo and conditioner that has no advanced chemical engineering technology.  This is high tech stuff and the price tag shows it.  

A second reason to use the "least amount" needed to get a desired result is that it uses less product which takes carbon to make and as the phrase goes "waste not want not". 

So with the new technology that is being added to the Luxury Brands of shampoo & conditioner;  start with about a teaspoon or less of shampoo and same with conditioner.  

For the shampoo rub into wet hands to emulsify and then add to wet hair.  Use the patting method where you take your lathered hands and pat all over your head so that you can distribute the product before you work into a lather.  The same goes with Conditioner but no need to emulsify just go straight to patting all over.   Don't just plop it in one spot and try to work it around the rest of the head.

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