Do you do Bob? Blunt

Blunt bobs?

Inspired by the '70s revival and popular celebrities a new shorter length is set to be the standout hairstyle for spring 2019.


“I think we will see a move away from shattered and layered hair towards a blunter, sharper finish", says influential stylist Ms. Irwin. "I envisage it being a shift away from the mid-length boyfriend bob, which was so popular last season, to something more precise and above the shoulder,


roughly halfway between your ears and the nape of the neck."

She says this blunt cut suits all face shapes, "because the length can be adjusted to flatter the face, while the bluntness can help thicken up thin hair and soften thick hair depending upon the way it’s styled".

In fact, done correctly, "it will do wonders for your bone structure and is often the gateway to an even shorter 'do." 

Excerpt from harper’s Bazaar online 

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