All that is RE9

I made this Blog to give you an informational repository, for all that is RE9.  This will be information over load, so I recommend you play the video's while you are driving so you can just listen to them, and then look at the PDF's when you are sipping on a detox tea (one of my fav's)

This is the RE9 Focus guild goes over a lot of info a little general but, I will dive into each of the products here in a bit. RE9 Focus Guild (click here)

Here are two video's about the line and meet some of our scientist, I would say listen to these in the car.   Video 1 (Skincare Regimen Transition) Video 2 (Gold Standard Ingredients for Healthy-Looking Skin)

Here is the PDF to show the results after 30 days of use, and I can say that after I used it for 3 days I saw huge results and after using it for 17 days I was and blown away.  If I have given you what I call a "puppy drop" which is where I let you try a full line of the product for 5 days then you will see a huge improvement in reversing the aging process on the skin.  If you would like me to send you a full line of the skin care to try for 5 day's let me know, I can send you a "puppy drop" drop to try.  I all it a "puppy drop" because like fostering a new puppy you just fall in love with it and want to keep it. PDF 30 day results (click here)

Also when transitioning to a new skincare regimen this is what you can expect.  this is true with any skin care line. PDF Transitioning (click here)

Here is a list of all the products in the RE9 line, just click on the product and it will bring up a data sheet.  Also here is a break down of how long the products last so if you are a numbers person you can see the cost benefit of using a concentrated product. (product usage amount guild aka "pumps")

below is the list the product data sheets for all the nitty gritty data including ingredients.  (over view video) and point of difference data sheet PDF

Neck Cream

Cellular Renewal Mask

Corrective Eye Cream

Extra Moisture Restorative Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20

Firming Body Cream

Intense Renewal Serum

Night Repair Cream

Regeneration Toner

Restorative Day Cream NO sun screen, NO sun block 

Restorative Day Cream SPF 15

Retexturing Serum in Lotion

Smoothing Facial Cleanser


Skin care for every stage of life, and healthy aging video (click here)

I hope you have enjoyed my little blog post, and I found this company because I was looking for a safe, clean, and beneficial product.  Here is more that explains this companies ingredient policy. (read about it) (video)


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