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After Cinnamon, Look younger

I thought it was ingenious when Frances came to me with a bottle of Cinnamon,  she said, and I quote "I want this color, Cinnamon"  and I totally agreed. 

If you are over 40 and want to have the fresher and younger hair of your youth, you may want to consider  lightening your hair color.  Unless you wanting a stylized look, for example Vita Von Teese.

The reason being is natural hair color that is perceived is made up of Blue, Yellow, and Red pigments.  Typically as we age even if you don't have gray your hair melanin (the pigmented granules that give us color in our skin and hair) tend to lean more to a blue side and loose the yellow and red tones.

Yellow and red tones are what give young natural brown hair a luster and yellow tones give young youthful blonde hair its luminosity.

With age we earn gray hair and also more "blue" tones in our natural hair from our melanocytes (the part of the cells that produce color)  our natural blondes go more "dish water color" and our natural brown goes more flat and dull.

Going a little bit more brighter and warmer with blonde and brown after 40 and definitely after 50 is able to take 10 years off in a simple salon visit.

A dear person to me told me this and it is so true.  As we age our face may sag and gravity pulls down our body, with a salon service it is possible for an mature women to have the hair of her youth quick and easily.   Moral of the story is having the right hair color is the easiest way to get the most bang for your buck to look refreshed and in your prime.  

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