2pm did you just slump

Really, did you just slump or are you going to slump.

Typically it happens at 2pm.  Think about it, what have you eaten or not eaten?  What quality of nutrition have you eaten or not eaten?

This Thursday Dana (ICU RN) my friend and Wellness coach.  Is hosting a webinar about what you can do, now to be more alive and healthy.

You are the greatest creation that God has made, so don't you think that he would have made you full of life and energy?  No matter how good of a creation you are, if you have sub nutrition then you have sub life energy. Also, if you don't eliminate and detox out, then you are backed up on the inside.  

Ask your self, how long have you been doing the same thing and getting the same 2pm slump (with out jacking your self up on energy drinks, shots or coffee.  It is unsustainable.  Stop trading short term pops of energy for a future that will leave you with ill health, it will catch up with you.

Send me a PM, DM, Text, or comment if you would like me to add you to the webinar so you can watch and learn how you can "Spring Clean" your body; this Thursday.


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